Established in 1981 and centrally located within 2 hours of Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus and Toledo, we are a full color printing company that has invested itself in the technology necessary to stay in the pioneering role of expanding boundaries and demanding excellence.
Our answer to this call is Ecologically Controlled Offset Printing or in short ECOLITH®, and you will find it exclusively at Mercer Color Corporation since 1996


Ecologically Controlled Offset Printing, or in short ECOLITH®, is a process that incorporates every aspect of the pressroom. ECOLITH® is a manufacturing process that has minute VOC's, zero HAP's, zero 313's and zero acetone. The ECOLITH® process VOC levels are a fraction of the South Coast Air Quality Management District Rule 1171. The ECOLITH® process operates at less than five percent of the allowable amount of VOC's per the new EPA CTG for Lithographic and Letter Press Printing, publication October of 2006.

The ECOLITH® process was developed with our suppliers to encompass a holistic approach to offset printing. Phthalate and Benzene free inks are made from renewable and recycled materials, Coneg certified bio based washups and fountain solutions, along with press modification procedures, training and energy use reduction, are the culmination of our efforts resulting in the ECOLITH® process.

The energy requirements of the Ecolith® process are extremely reduced compared to conventional wet or dry offset.

Ecolith® does not require UV lamps, IR dryers, temperature controlled ink rollers, temperature controlled pressroom 70° ± 2° F, hot air knives, multiple chilled fountain circulators, weekly or monthly fountain solutions dump, aqueous coatings for drying, UV and conventional ink misting extractors, hot air exhaust, facility air exchange to replace air exhaust and or to maintain air quality.

This is just a portion of the energy savings possible using the Ecolith® Process.

Reducing your energy requirements are much more important than saying "I use wind power".

Using the ECOLITH® process is the right thing to do because the health and safety of our employees and customers depend on it. With the addition of recycled paper the ECOLITH® process becomes the complete holistic procedure for offset printing manufacturing.

We are pioneers when it comes to printing green and protecting our environment! Since 1990 we have been utilizing a "Green" practice with the use of seed oil or vegetable oil Hi Solids based inks, which have been further enhanced using renewable and recycled materials as well as eliminating all alcohol subs and all ethylene glycols from our facility. We print all of our products on 100% recycled paper using 100% or 80% post consumer waste fiber. All papers are FSC, SFI or PEFC Certified. We're committed to having a safe environment for present and future generations.




We take our pioneering role very seriously with concerns and provisions that we are responsible to the environment. Since 1990 Mercer Color Corporation has been untilizing a "Green" practice with the use of seed oil or vegetable oil Hi Solids based inks, which have been further enhanced using renewable and recycled materials, as well as eliminating all alcohol subs and ethylene glycols from our facility.

All land not used for factory or parking is used for farming and vegetable gardens. This is a two fold help in maintaining our environment.

First, we are not wasting energy, materials and manpower maintaining the acreage. Second, by farming and vegetable gardening, we are producing food and providing a positive use of the land.
The reason for going the green route is our families, our fellow employees and their families as well as anybody who comes into our facility. We should not be subjected to anything that is toxic or potentially harmful. At Mercer Color we take great pride in knowing that our practices adhere to these beliefs.

Going green isn't about money, it’s about having a safe environment for present and future generations.